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Proper Mowing

Mowing is the most misunderstood part of lawn care, and the most often incorrectly performed part of lawn care. Far too many people will set their mowers too low or “scalp” the lawn. This leads to thin and dying out grass, shallow root systems, and in the long run, NO GRASS. Let us help you to keep a great lawn all year long.

Weed Control

Controlling weeds in a new or existing lawn is vital to the health and overall appearance of the lawn. A beautiful smooth lawn gets most of its good looks from the fact that it is smooth and level with no weeds sticking up above the turf. A weed-free lawn holds its good looks for several days if the grass is a monoculture with uniform growing heights.

Proper Watering

Once you have renovated or re-installed the perfect lawn, it just doesn’t make sense to let it go back to being a pasture from lack of watering or other maintenance that needs to be done. Spend a little time and money and keep it watered and you will keep the lush grass you spent your hard earned money and time on.

The Experience You Can Trust

We have over 20 years of experience in complete lawn care maintenance for the Atlanta/Metro Atlanta area. We know exactly what your lawn needs.


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